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Aluminium Windows in Pakistan

Aluminium windows have become the most common trend in Pakistan due to their strength, excellent level of thermal retention, durability in high rise buildings, and most importantly aluminium is easy to recycle. Aluminium provides strength and protection against strong weather conditions such as wind and heavy rain. The maximum width of an aluminium window goes up to 1400 mm, and the minimum width remains on average 350mm. When aluminium is exposed to air, a protective layer of aluminium oxide forms on the surface instantly. You don’t have to worry about the windows swell, cracking or warping for a number of years as the aluminium windows are weather resistant hence hardly require any maintenance. Protection from corrosion is an added advantage.

Having worked with thousands of residential and commercial clients, Power Facilities Management offers a wide range of top notch designs of aluminium windows for your home and office. We offer Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows for every budget and style. We provide Custom-made widows just to provide you a perfect fit. Our engineered windows are strong and incredibly stylish. The vinyl finish, heavy-duty construction and insulated glass create a window that hardly needs re-painting or maintenance.  Our consultants will visit your premises, interview you, and recommend you the most suitable design, colour, and type of aluminium window which will fit best on your premises.

We are proud of the dedication and commitment of our engineers, designers and craftsmen who have helped us to bond with thousands of loyal customers. Through these years we have been able to bring elegant, sophisticated and decent look for homes, offices, shopping malls and commercial buildings. Our aluminium windows designs are unmatched and eye-catching. The aluminium windows price in Pakistan show a big deal of fluctuation but we try to maintain our prices as much as we can.

Why Do You Need Aluminium Windows?

If you are looking for aesthetic looks, security, reliability, and weather resistance, then aluminium windows are your only option. These windows are designed in multiple compatible ways and painted in different colours, suiting every style or place with a sturdy multi-locking system. Their frame is light-weighted and it offers better insulation as it includes a thermal barrier that prevents heat loss. It is also safe for nature as aluminium windows are recyclable even if you want to get them recycled after 20 years and even more.

Why Should You Choose Our Aluminium Windows?

We supply aluminium windows of numerous designs and colours that are thermally efficient and long-lasting than other PVC, wooden, and timber windows. These windows include 28mm sealed units and come up with a highly efficient locking system. Our Aluminium windows and doors also have Polyamide thermal break to ensure security besides giving an aesthetic look and comfort.

We also offer customization so you can choose your designs and preferred colours and we will get them prepared for you. You can select from the architecturally designed aluminium windows that are slightly expensive to cost-effective windows or frames in case you want to stick to your budget. We have products for every budget. From slimline aluminium frames to an entire aluminium window system, you can order all from the comfort of your home.

Our Customers are given full scope window and door replacement service all across markets and cities. Whether it is a small job of 5 windows or 5,000 windows, no job is small or big for us. We cater all sorts of customers and no installation is difficult for us. No location is far for us and no architectural design is too stringent that we cannot fulfill. We promise integrity, reliability, professionalism and quality. We closely work with homeowners, building owners, contractors, architects, property managers and engineers to provide full-service window solutions. 

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Aluminum is popularly named as a “magical metal” and it is third most metal found on Earth. Pakistan has been blessed with large reserves of Bauxite which can be converted into aluminum. Due to the massive reserves, aluminum windows price is quiet reasonable in Pakistan as compared to other countries. Some of the many benefits of Aluminium windows are as follows: 


  • Aluminum is a very light weight metal. This makes Aluminum windows and doors easy to move and smooth in operating. Especially in sliding windows, the light weight metal makes the movement easy and frictionless.
  • Aluminum is 100% recyclable and the good news is that the properties of the recycled aluminum are the same as of the original aluminum. So if you get tired of the old design of window or want to do a replacement, you can get money by selling old aluminum windows. It means your investment on aluminum windows won’t be zero even after using a number of years.
  • It requires low maintenance and lasts very long, hence removing the stress of frequent replacements.
  • It is highly durable and gives a pleasant look and feel.
  • The malleable and ductile properties of metal make the window frames unbreakable and strong. Due to these unmatched properties of aluminum, the metal can be pressed and bent in accordance with the design without any breakage or cracking. So you can get the best designs as the metal can be molded the way you want.
  • Aluminum window frames are made with the help of an extrusion process. This process allows a pre-heated aluminum alloy to pass through a series of steps to create an aluminum profile which can be joined to form frames of varying sizes and designs.
  • It allows enough light to pass while ensuring the blockage of dust and noise.
  • Besides being eco-friendly and easy to carry, aluminium windows are also easy to clean and don’t require any specific cleaning equipment or gadgets.
  • Aluminium windows are a feasible, flexible, and secure as they provide resistance to corrosion through the presence of protective aluminium oxide.

Can you Paint Aluminium Windows?

Painting gives an additional protective layer to your windows so it’s good to paint them. But before you start windows painting, make sure to clean them and apply the tape around the glass areas to protect them from getting stained. Then apply a coat of metal primer to give your paint a fine finishing. Thereafter, apply the acrylic latex paint as it won’t bubble up, and wait for an hour between the coats to make your paint look perfect.

Aluminium Windows Designs

Windows are one of the most important components when it comes to home/office beautification. The design depends on the location and type of property. For example, fixed aluminium windows are used in mosques, while people prefer French aluminium windows in houses. We have different types of aluminium window designs, made of stainless steel, which will enhance the beauty of your properties. You provide the design and leave it with us to shape the windows as per your requirements. Be it a sliding window, glass-to-glass aluminium window, tilt and turn window, or a casement window, Power Facilities Management is fully capable to fulfil your requirements. Our designs ensure that the window is light in weight, insulated, and allow enough natural light to enter your house.

Aluminium Windows Colours

Colours enhance the look whether it is furniture, window frames, or even doors. Selecting the right colour combination based on the architecture of your property is integral and can make or break the value of your real estate property.

At Power Facilities Management, we use high quality polyester power coated paint which is baked onto the aluminum so that it lasts for a longer period. We have a wide range of color options but anthracite grey, van dyke brown, sharp golden, dove grey, graphite black and ivory cream colors are in high demand in Pakistan. Silver anodised or a dual color paint finish can also be done to give a more unique look. You can choose from a wide variety of colors we offer and get your windows matched with your property elevation. Our windows hardly require any maintenance except for occasional sponge down which can easily be done in-house. 

Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan

Aluminium windows prices fluctuate in Pakistan due to inflation, inconsistent oil prices, and dollar rates.  Aluminium windows are marginally expensive than other window materials as they are highly durable and don’t corrode easily. The rates also depend on the category and quality of the aluminium. The good quality aluminium lasts longer than the cheaper one. The location also affects the rates, for example, the rates in Karachi would be less due to ports as compared to rates in Lahore and so on. Despite all these factors, we have tried our best to maintain the prices and keep them stable over the years.

Customisation of Aluminium Windows

Customising aluminium windows is now easier than ever before. You can customise your windows to opt for a single glazed or double glazed according to the location of your property and any design you dream for. Power Facilities Management uses top notch technology to convert any required design into reality. Some of the many machines used in our productions facilities are as follows:

  • Corner crimping machine
  • Copy Router
  • Corner key cutting saw machine
  • Double head cutting saw machine
  • Punching machine
  • End milling machine
  • CNC drilling machine

Our designers and craftsman have created invigorating designs that suit the varying needs of architecture. Whether you are giving a Spanish look to your house or constructing a victorian building, we have designs that can fit perfectly well. We are one of the best in the market when it comes to the requirement of Customization of Alumimium Windows. If you need a reliable partner to work with you side by side during the renovation and/or construction of your dream home, contact Power Facilities Management today.