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Aluminum Doors in Pakistan

Aluminum doors are a new trend in Pakistan today. From small to big houses and villas, homeowners prefer to use aluminum doors due to their durability, long life, and style. And frankly speaking, from southern to western countries everyone is using aluminum as their final choice for doors and windows.  

Doors are an important part of any property. They provide protection, privacy, and functionality. Doors also play a major role in determining the overall interior and exterior look of a building/office/home. When picking doors for your building/home, you need to take all of the above-mentioned factors into consideration. The ideal door should provide you with a balance between looks and functionality. This is why aluminum doors have become so popular.

Aluminum doors have become really popular in modern buildings. Their popularity is due to more than just how well they fit into contemporary interior design. Aluminum doors are durable, lightweight, and have a very long lifespan. All of this makes them incredibly functional.

At Power Facilities Management, we provide standard as well as customized aluminum doors in line with your budget. Our engineered aluminum doors are strong, durable and extremely stylish. We offer all types of aluminium doors with a wide range of designs and colors. Our standardized features of vinyl finish, state of the art construction, and best quality of aluminum makes our doors remarkable and unmatched to those available in the market. Our products are prepared in heavy-duty machines powered with artificial intelligence hence why require occasional maintenance only.

Top 10 Aluminium Doors by Power Facilities Management

We manufacture and supply hundreds of different types of aluminium doors in Pakistan. The top 10 aluminium doors in our list that can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your real property are as follows: 

1. Aluminum Paneled Doors: These doors look a lot like paneled wooden doors. As their name suggests, they are simply made of an aluminum frame covered with two aluminum panels. Aluminum paneled doors have a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts. The biggest being their strength. Aluminum paneled doors are a lot sturdier, making them more secure. They’re harder to damage, and they are less vulnerable to damage from the elements as well. Apart from being durable, they’re also lightweight. And you can find them in a large variety of designs.

2. Glass Paned Aluminum Doors: Glass paned aluminum doors have been around for a long time, and for good reason. These doors have a frame made of aluminum and glass panels. Glass paned aluminum doors aren’t the best when it comes to security. However, they look incredibly aesthetic. They work well in a variety of interior spaces and never go out of style.

3. Aluminum French Doors: Aluminum French doors have a basic grid frame with several glass panes installed in them. They look quite similar to simple glass paned aluminum doors. However, this design has a rather distinct look that makes them look great in interior spaces that follow traditional design trends.

4. Aluminum Folding Doors: Folding doors are a great option for rooms with limited space. Aluminum folding doors come in a variety of designs and are great for living and office spaces. Their aluminum frame makes them lightweight, which makes them more functional.

5. Aluminum Front Doors: The front door is one of the most important doors of any property. An ideal front door should look good and also provide security. Aluminum front doors are really popular because of their robustness and aesthetics. They require very little maintenance and come in many different styles.

6. Swinging Doors: Swinging doors are typically found in commercial buildings. These doors have a light aluminum frame that makes them very easy to operate. Their aluminum construction also makes them really durable, which is important for doors that are located in commercial buildings.

7. Aluminum Rolling Shutter Doors: Rolling shutter doors are used in commercial and residential buildings. They are often made from aluminum in order to reduce their weight without having to compromise on their strength. Also, since aluminum is a flexible metal, aluminum rolling shutters are quite easy to use.

8. Aluminum Doors with Louvers: These types of aluminum doors are quite popular amongst people who like contemporary interior design. Their body consists of an aluminum frame with louvers made out of the same material. This frame usually houses glass panes. Aluminum doors with louvers have a really clean and minimal look, making them ideal for contemporary interior design.

9. Aluminum Doors with Sidelights: Aluminum doors in this style look great in homes with backyard gardens and patios. These doors consist of an aluminum frame with openable windows in their sides. They look aesthetic and also improve the airflow of your interior spaces.

10. Sliding Aluminum Doors: Sliding aluminum doors are simple, but highly functional. They consist of an aluminum frame with glass, wood, or metal panels. Sliding aluminum doors come with a sliding rail in which they move around. They’re space friendly, easy to use, and aesthetic.

Benefits of Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is considered as a “magical metal” all around the world. Luckily, Pakistan has got abundant resources of Bauxite which is converted into fine aluminum. The presence of Bauxite in our country has allowed high availability and controlled prices of Aluminum.

Aluminum doors price is on the lower side in Pakistan as compared to other countries. Besides being durable and lasting, below are some of the many features that make aluminum doors a perfect choice for your real estate properties.

  • Aluminum doors are very light weight and easy to slide, open and close. The door operation is easy and requires very less effort from the user. Especially in Sliding doors, the light weight metal makes the movement easy and frictionless.
  • Doors made with aluminum possess malleable and ductile properties of metal. This allows the doors to remain unbreakable and capable of sustaining heavy pressure. The unique properties of aluminum make it easy to mold, thus allowing the shapes and sizes with variations. There is no chance of cracking or breakage after the installation. Once you invest in aluminum doors, the replacement would not occur before less than a decade or even more.
  • You would be happy to know that Aluminum is 100% recyclable! It means that your aluminum doors will not go in junk even after a number of years. You can still get handsome amount of money at the time of replacement of your old doors. They are easily saleable and can be recycled to make many other useful aluminum products. The best advantage is that the re-cycled aluminum possesses the same level of originality as of newly manufactured aluminum.
  • Aluminum doors frames follow an extrusion process at the time of molding. In this process a pre-heated aluminum alloy passes through a series of steps to create an aluminum profile which can be joined to form frames of varying sizes and designs.
  • Aluminum sliding doors, aluminum doors with frame, aluminum doors with glass etc. give an incredibly stylish look and decorative touch to your home, shop, office or any other real estate asset. The frames of the doors are mostly anodized or powder coated and allow smooth texture and a fine look. The durability, corrosion-resistant and integrity of the aluminum doors is due to this process.

Aluminum Window Colors

We have state of the art facilities for painting all our products. Our windows, doors and frames are painted under the supervision of highly skilled workmen who have been working with us for a number of years. Our painters apply on our products hardwearing polyester with powder coat paint. We strive to provide a high quality product range so we only use specialists who have expertise in polyester powder coating. Due to the hard work of our trained painters, we are able to provide high quality, long lasting, and well painted aluminum doors of any type. Our doors are easy to clean and can be wiped up easily with a wet cloth or a sponge. Detergents and other house-hold cleaners are enough to make the doors shine.

We have a variety of aluminum doors colors for our retail and corporate clients. The colors are available in black, ivory cream color, graphite black, golden, anthracite grey, van dyke brown, and many more. Our unique color combinations are extremely popular among homeowners. Most of the colors cohere with the paint of the elevation of houses or buildings. Silver anodized or a dual color paint finish can also be done to give a more unique look. Many users select the dual color as it allows painting the same door from different sides. In this way, the inner sides of the doors can match with inner walls and the outer side with the outer paint.

Why Power Facilities Management for Aluminum Doors?

Power Facilities Management works on the principles of integrity, durability, professionalism and high quality. Over the years, we have expanded our network and added a massive number of clients who are homeowners, builders, contractors, property managers, architects and interior designers. This has only become possible due to our unique and eye-catching designs and quality of aluminum.

Our team is amazing and different from any other company in the country. They are regularly trained and equipped with latest technologies on a regular basis. We are proud of the dedication and commitment our engineers, designers and craftsmen who have helped us to bond with thousands of loyal customers. Through these years we have been able to bring elegant, sophisticated and decent look for homes, offices, shopping malls, and commercial buildings. Our aluminum windows designs are unmatched and fairly prices. The aluminum windows price in Pakistan show a big deal of fluctuation but we try to maintain our prices to the maximum.

We provide aluminum doors installation and replacement services in all the cities and provinces in Pakistan. We are here to serve big and small orders ranging from 3 doors to 3000, we will do it all with the same dedication. No installation is difficult for us, no architectural design is stringent for us, and no location is far for us. We are ready to reach anywhere in Pakistan!

Remember, the type of doors you install in your property play a major role in determining its overall look and feel. So, make sure that you pick the right type of door designed and manufactured by the right supplier.