Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine

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Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine

We know and understand that there are some people in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world that are concerned about getting inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines that are being made available all around the world. With more and more vaccines being developed and made available for use, routine procedures and processes remain in place to ensure the safety of all the vaccines that get approval from the relevant authorities. In order to ensure that you remain safe from the deadly coronavirus then it is important for you to get vaccinated as soon as possible along with regular disinfection and sanitization of your offices and homes.

The government of Pakistan has said that they will use the vaccine prepared by the Sinopharm company that is owned by the State of the People’s Republic of China as part of their response to COVID-19. However, the government has not ruled out that they will not use any other vaccine except Sinopharm. The government is also monitoring the impact and public feedback of other vaccines that are available in the global market.

Below is the summary of benefits associated with getting inoculated with COVID-19 vaccinations based on the information we currently have about the said vaccinations.

  • Most of the COVID-19 vaccinations developed and made available for use around the world have proved to be highly reliable and effective in preventing the deadly COVID-19.
  • All COVID-19 vaccinations that are in development around the world are being examined in clinical trials and will be authorized for use only if they show that they would make it significantly less likely that you’ll get affected by COVID-19.
  • Based on the information we currently have about vaccinations meant for diseases other than COVID-19 and early statistics from clinical tests of COVID-19 vaccines, many experts are of the opinion that getting inoculated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine may help you from getting infected with the deadly virus.
  • Getting inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine may also protect your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who is around you, especially those that are subject to a high risk of getting severely ill from the dangerous COVID-19.
  • Experts all around the world are conducting more tests on the impact of the vaccinations meant to cure people infected with the novel coronavirus. Based on the information we currently have, most of the tests performed to check the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines has shown encouraging results.

COVID-19 Vaccines will Help in Building Protection Against Coronavirus

  • The novel coronavirus/ COVID-19 can have very severe and life-threatening complications, and there is no way to predict or know how the virus will impact you or the people around you. All the Experts around the world are of the opinion that people should get vaccinated if they want to build a protective shield in this battle of survival against the deadly Coronavirus.
  • All vaccines get approval by the relevant authorities to be used against COVID-19 only if their clinical trials and tests show that they are safe as well as reliable and effective. In addition, the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines should outweigh its risks for it to get authorization and approval from the relevant authorities.
  • Getting vaccinated may offer you some natural protection that is commonly known as immunity in the medical world. Existing evidence indicates that reinfection with the coronavirus is rare in the 90 days after a person gets initially infected. However, experts are not sure regarding the length of the period for which this protection lasts, and the risk of illness and death from the novel coronavirus outweighs any benefits associated with natural immunity. Vaccines will protect you from COVID-19 by creating an antibody (immune system) response without having you experience severe illness or getting infected.
  • Experts are trying to learn more about natural protection as well as protection which a vaccine provides so that this knowledge can be used in developing more effective COVID-19 vaccines. The pandemic and development of Corona vaccines have helped the medical world in gaining invaluable information with regards to viruses and its cure through continuous research and testing.

Vaccines are an Important Tool to Curb the Spread of C-19 Virus

  • Wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves, implementing social distancing measures, home and office cleaning as well as regular coronavirus disinfection spray at your offices and homes helps in reducing the chance of you being exposed to the deadly virus or spreading it to the people around you, but these protective measures are not enough. Vaccines approved by relevant regulatory bodies will get your immune system ready to fight the virus if you get exposed to it.
  • If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, then get vaccinated as soon as possible in addition to the guidelines provided by your government as well as international health bodies such as the World Health Organization:

Stopping a pandemic like the one the world is facing right now in the form of COVID-19 requires making use of all the available tools and resources. As experts are conducting more studies in order to learn more about C-19 vaccines and their ability to curb the spread of the disease that caused COVID-19, we will continue to update you regarding the latest developments in relation to this disease and its vaccines.

FAQS about COVID-19 Vaccines

Q1: Can vaccination be a source of a person getting infected?

Ans: None of the approved and recommended COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the world carry the virus that causes COVID-19. In other words, no vaccine can make you sick with this virus.

Q2: If I already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get inoculated with a vaccine?

Ans: Due to the risks associated with this deadly virus and the fact that anyone can get re-infected, you should get vaccinated irrespective of whether you had recovered from the infection.

Q3: Will a vaccine change my DNA?

Ans: No, vaccines do not interact or change your DNA in any way.

Q4: Will a vaccine help in protecting me from getting sick with C-19?

Ans: Vaccination trains your immune system to fight the virus that causes coronavirus, and this protects you from getting sick with C-19.

Q5: I want to know about the most frequently asked questions about Coronavirus 19?

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