Case Study: Bad Odor and Mold Treatment for a Big Mall in Karachi

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Case Study: Bad Odor and Mold Treatment in a Big Mall in Karachi


One of the malls in Karachi was facing bad odor in the lobbies, high level of ammonia and mold/mildew and black spots on the mall’s floors. This mall is a hub for shoppers and entertainment seekers alike, attracting everyone from young families to college students and seniors. The mall had tried other cleaning solutions, but found that their problems were not being soothed by regular cleaning methods. They hired Power Facilities Management, a renowned malls cleaning company in Karachi, to resolve this issue.


Power Facilities Management worked closely with the mall owners and staff to understand the issues at hand. After a thorough inspection of the site, we realized that part of the problem was the improper use of certain chemicals and equipment. Our trained janitors cleaned the Mall’s floors with water, mild detergent, and a specially formulated cleaner to remove all loose dirt. We then squeegeed the floor to remove water from the surface. After that, we vacuumed the floor to clean up any remaining residue and dry it completely. We also provided the mall management our detailed step by step mall cleaning guide to allow them to keep their mall cleaned in a systematic and organized manner.

Through these procedures, Power Facilities Management resolved the bad odor issue completely and treated the ammonia problem as well. In addition, we permanently addressed the mold problem at the mall.