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Cleaning Services – In House Vs Outsourcing

Do you know? The clean space has the power to increase the productivity and focus of the workers. A clean office enhances the professional image of the company. Therefore, hospitals, schools, universities, insurance companies and several other organizations use either in house or outsourced cleaning services to make their assets clean, tidy and germ free. Both in house and outsourced cleaning facilities have their pros and cons. Let’s understand what types of benefits each of the cleaning facility provides and how to choose a janitorial services company.

In-House Cleaning Services

Many organizations prefer to hire and train permanent janitorial staff for cleaning their offices. This consumes a lot of money, time and energy. The potential benefits or problems you can have after hiring in-house janitorial staff are:


Some of the companies are very concerned about the security of their data and staff. Schools, universities and many other companies can’t compromise on security. So, they prefer to get an in-house cleaning service. Their management recruits permanent cleaning staff and ensures a proper check and balance by observing each member’s work quality during the working hours. A facility manager has to manage the team and get the cleaning job done properly.

Flexible Hours

Many organizations work in flexible hours. They want to get janitorial services either in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening. It completely depends on their need and free time slots. In house cleaning service proves to be the best choice for such companies. As the in house cleaning service providers are the permanent staff of the organization so they have the ease to do the cleaning at any time. Specifically, schools and universities choose to get cleaning at flexible hours. 


The security and cleaning system of the companies change with time and need. The companies update their cleaning staff by giving them proper training. The companies have to invest a lot of money and time in training their staff. It is the same as managing a small business within the company because it diverts their main focus. 


In house cleaning services are very costly. The company has to bear the expenses of workers’ compensations, taxation, health and education facility, EOBI, Social Security, Insurance etc. They have to invest money in their training, equipment and chemicals. This is not a time one cost; it continues. If a company faces a budget constraint, they do have the choice to fire the members of the staff but it will eventually reduce the quality of their work.

Outsourced Cleaning Services

The uncertain economic and health conditions make owners of the companies vigilant and critical in their decision making. The primary incentive business owners have in outsourcing office cleaning is saving money. The staff provided by outsourced janitorial companies are more experienced, trained and well equipped. From disinfection to deep cleaning of offices, hospitals, and big production facilities, they are fully capable to do the job.


People think outsourcing office cleaning service means you have to compromise on security. But this not the case. Commercial janitorial service providers are very professional. They value their privacy and security of their customers. But if your company has some intense security constraints then outsourcing for cleaning service is probably not a good option.  


Outsourced Janitorial services are very cost-effective. Company owners look for a cost-effective solution when they have budget constraints. They don’t have to bear the expense of direct supervision, health and liability insurance, cleaning product and supplies, payroll tax and labor turnover etc. Outsourcing janitorial services save your money and time which can be wasted in recruiting, training, screening and managing cleaning staff. You can cancel the contract with the janitorial company at any time. If your company has a low budget, you can choose from different cleaning packages.

The contractor manages the cleaning staff and shoulders all types of expenses. They buy cleaning equipment and chemicals at much lower rates due to large quantities. Companies do not normally get such discounted rates from suppliers.


It is the responsibility of the cleaning company to train the staff. They arrange workshops and drills for their staff. Its purpose is to update their knowledge and skills. Commercial janitorial service providers have hands-on working experience and training which allows them to easily identify and clean most important areas which have direct impact on your customers and employees.

Working Hours

Whether you need one time cleaning or shift based cleaning or 24/7 cleaning, commercial cleaning service providers can accommodate their schedule based on your convenience and ease.