How Burj Khalifa is Kept Clean and Sparkling

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How Burj Khalifa is Kept Clean and Sparkling

After being amazed by the extraordinary work the cleaning crew or the appointed cleaning company of Burj Khalifa does on a regular basis,  we have decided to take a look at how building as tall as Burj Khalifa stays clean and sparkling on a regular basis.

The Burj Khalifa is around 828 metres tall. It is the tallest structure in the world since the time its construction was completed in 2009. It was inaugurated and opened for the general public at the start of 2010. As the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building, it can be safely said that it may have a lot of windows; and to be exact there are 24,348 windows.

It would be appropriate to say that it takes a tremendous effort to ensure that so many windows remain clean and tidy and that too on a regular basis; especially when you consider the dangers and risks associated with the job of cleaning windows of a towering structure like the Burj Khalifa.

Some may dismiss windows cleaning as a fairly monotonous job, but some may argue that it requires courage and a lion-heart to clean the windows of a structure as tall as the Burj Khalifa because it requires one to ascend to great heights and being suspended by ropes in order to clean the windows of such a towering structure/ building.

Emaar Dubai, the company that developed Burj Khalifa, stated that it is safe to work at 20 knots yet the cleaning staff often call it a day when the winds are worse than 12 knots as that’s when it becomes difficult for the cleaning staff to keep the water on the windows.

It is estimated that the cleaning staff that clean the windows of the skyscrapers receive an average salary of $50,000 which isn’t bad for a job that doesn’t require any qualification or education apart from a lot of courage and no fear of heights.

These brave and courageous cleaners are required to work every single day of the year to ensure that all of the windows of such a towering structure remains clean and tidy. This enormous task of cleaning the windows of the Burj Khalifa takes around 3 months and this task is performed 4 times a year.

The cleaning crew uses latest technology and machinery for cleaning windows of the Burj Khalifa. The company which was given the contract of cleaning the Burj Khalifa, built a window-washing machine system specifically to clean as well as ensure the mirror sheen of the tallest tower in the world.

There are also some unmanned machines that are built for cleaning that sections of the building that are higher an inaccessible. These type of tools and machinery plays an integral part in ensuring that buildings as tall as the Burj Khalifa remain clean and shiny. 

The window cleaning team of the building consists of only 36 people despite the fact that the height of the structures stands at 828m and in addition the building also has more than 24,000 windows that require cleaning on a regular basis. 

The most surprising fact about the cleaning of the Burj Khalifa, regardless of the building’s prestige and the money they spent on latest technology and equipment, the window cleaning team mainly uses traditional cleaning tools and methods for cleaning the windows of the building. The cleaning team uses old school squeegees and soapy water.

According to the manager of the company that is responsible for cleaning the Burj Khalifa, the cleaning tools and solutions we use for cleaning the building are the same as what an average shop cleaner would use.

Cleaning windows with window wipers and elbow grease isn’t exactly trend setting or revolutionary but the type of safety equipment and machinery utilized comes very close to being labelled as trend setting and revolutionary.

In simple words, it is not an easy job for those who have a weak heart, so it should come as little to no surprise that Burj Khalifa’s official twitter handle hailed their window cleaning staff as heroes, and also said that we salute you all for your services in keeping the Burj Khalifa beautiful and shining every single day of the year.