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How to Make your Windows Clean Enough to Lick?

Today, we will discuss that how you can perform Window Cleaning in Pakistan for your residential or commercial space like a cleaning professional. Our cleaning guide will provide you with tips and advice that will ultimately help you in cleaning the frames and glass of your windows like a cleaning expert.

Today we will be sharing with you a lot of tricks and tips that will help you in cleaning your windows in a more efficient and effective manner. 

Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks Circulating Online

Before we provide you with cleaning tips and advice, it is important to discuss the weirdest ideas that are available on the internet regarding the cleaning windows that you may also have found on different search engines and social media platforms.

Using Vinegar for Cleaning Windows

The first idea we saw online was using vinegar for cleaning windows. While vinegar can be used for cleaning purposes, but it is not the ideal item you could use for making your windows clean and shiny. It may have been the best cleaning solution available to people many years ago, but certainly, it is not anymore.

It is important to mention here that we aren’t discussing vinegar that you put in your food instead we are talking about white vinegar that has some cleaning properties but it isn’t a miracle potion when it comes to cleaning windows. However, you may not think like that if you watch videos or read web pages that talk about the benefits of using vinegar.

In simple words, using white vinegar for cleaning windows is certainly not the best way there is to make windows clean and shine. The main problem with using white vinegar for cleaning is that it doesn’t have the ability to remove bacteria and germs in an effective manner, or clean glasses in the way in which liquid soaps do.

If you’re thinking about using white vinegar for cleaning your windows then you should think twice as there are a number of quality cleaning solutions and products, available at affordable prices, which you can use for making your windows clean and shiny.

Preparing your Own Cleaning Solution

The second idea that was recommended by a lot of people online was to create your own cleaning solution. This will include vinegar together with rubbing alcohol or household ammonia.

Many people won’t have white vinegar, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol at their houses. Many would have to seek out the aforementioned ingredients that may not even be available in the supermarkets located near your house.

It is far simpler and easier to buy a reliable ready-made product that has been specially formulated to make your windows clean and shiny rather than investing your time in preparing your own cleaning solution. Non-toxic materials can also be used to perform window cleaning at your office or home.

Using Newspapers for Cleaning Windows

Another flawed but very popular idea with regards to cleaning windows on the internet is the use of a scrunched-up newspaper for cleaning windows. While this can help with drying windows and making them shine but there a number of better options that can do the same thing in a much more efficient and effective manner.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a screwed-up newspaper for cleaning windows is that there is a risk of ink coming off on your hands which ultimately may lead to the frame and glass becoming dirty.

It would be much better to use a microfiber cloth for making windows dry and shiny, and since these types of clothes are cheap then it is simply pointless to use a newspaper.

How to Clean Windows Like a Professional

In order to make your windows clean and sparkling, the first thing you should do is to buy the right cleaning tools and equipment that are best suited for the cleaning of your windows. The cleaning tools and equipment that are essential for you to have to be able to clean your windows are listed as follows:

  • A squeegee
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A tool to apply water such as an applicator
  • Bucket
  • Soapy water or a detergent

Making the Frame Clean

The first step you should take when cleaning your PVC windows is to apply soapy water or detergent on the frame of your windows using tools such as an applicator. This will help in removing any loose dirt and would provide you with a good platform for the remainder of your cleaning process.

Next, you should take a microfiber cloth and should attempt to remove any grime present on the frame. Ensure that you have cleaned all the places where you expect to face dirt and dust.

During the cleaning of the frames of your windows, you may find marks and stains which are difficult to remove with the cleaning tips stated above. However, there are special PVC cleaning solutions available that can be used for removing the aforementioned marks and stains.

Making the Glass of Your Windows Clean

After cleaning the frames of your windows, you now should put your attention towards cleaning the glass of the windows. First, you should apply soapy water on your windows, once you have done that then you should take a microfiber cloth and wrap it over your thumb or any finger and go around the edges of your window with the help of that cloth. Almost every PVC window has a seal for fitting the glass in the window frame. Usually, the seal holds a build-up of soapy water which can, later on, cause a lot of problems for you.

Next, you would be required to get the water out from the seal by pushing your finger or thumb into the seal as you run the water around the edges of the glass of your window. This will help you in preventing water drops from running down your glass window. Now, the next step would be to remove the detergent with the help of a squeegee.

You can begin with squeegee upside down and sweep up to meet the frame or can place it vertically against the frame and seal at the top of your window’s glass on whichever side you like.

Then you move the cleaning tool horizontally across the glass of your window while remaining in contact with the seal and frame at the top. Ensure that the squeegee is kept at an angle with the highest-end further ahead.

Sweep the cleaning tool across at an angle. Then, when you get closer to the other side, bring the squeegee’s highest-end down the glass window’s edges against the frame and the seal.

You start from the top moving down and across like a snake while making sure that you haven’t missed any soapy water on your way to the bottom.

Cleaning windows that are smaller can be difficult if your squeegee doesn’t fit in properly. In such a situation, you may not be able to remove the detergent or the soapy water the same way you would do with windows that are larger in size. In the case of smaller windows, you will have to only use a microfiber cloth.

You should remove the grime present on your squeegee with a cloth every so often. Otherwise, you will end up dragging the dirt present on your squeegee across the glass of your windows that you are trying to make clean and shiny. Then, you should wipe from anywhere on the frame where there are drops of water.

This cleaning guide is the traditional way which many cleaning experts use for cleaning windows. Many cleaning professionals now use water-fed pole systems for cleaning windows but they all have used this cleaning method.

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