How Important is the Reliability of an Office Cleaning Company?

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How Important is the Reliability of an Office Cleaning Company?

We all know the importance of office cleaning for customers as well as your employees. Hence if you want to make your life easy you can’t accept the second best company, you have to settle with the best only. It may sound like an easy task, but it is not. You want your office to have clean workspaces, pristine restrooms, sparkling windows, and of course disinfection of office.

Recognition of Cleaning Crew

Are you aware of the group of workers that cleaning companies send to you? Do you keep an eye on them? You should know the workers by face so that it keeps your business safe from any potential risks. Though it may be normal for cleaning companies to continue to rotate staff but it can pose several risks to your business, including but not limited to the following:

  • New cleaning team is not aware of your office hence spends more time and might deliver low quality.
  • The new members may not always be safe, but a security risk.
  • The continuous rotation of staff points towards high staff turnover which effectively indicates that the company is not reliable and has weak control on the janitors working in your office.

Time Management Skills!

It’s normal with cleaning companies to commit to a timeline and then fail. It’s painful to see that you order a cleaning service and find the cleaners coming late by 1 hour or even more. This might not be important for them but it is for you being a businessman as they wasted 1 hour of your expensive time. But what are the reasons for such delays? The main reasons are overbooking of cleaners, lack of staff management, insufficient manpower for a large quantity of customers, missing out the recording your booking in the calendar, and so on. These issues indicate that your service provider is not stable, does not have sufficient resources, and is not fully capable to manage your assets. Great companies manage their staff and rest of the required resources very well and never disappoint their customers to ensure their customers are always happy.

Long-Term Agreements Are Headaches!

Long term agreements are not required in any type of janitorial services engagement. Only big industries and factories require such contracts. Most of the janitorial companies in Pakistan usually trap clients for long term agreements and once you do that it is fairly difficult to cancel those contracts. You might keep on paying for unsatisfactory services unless you obtain legal services to get out of the contractual obligations. But who wants to bear extra cost of lawyers and the hassle of legal issues in Pakistan?

Janitorial companies with good repute don’t ask for long term contracts, they are confident on their services and know the customer will return to obtain their services again. Your job is to find such service providers.

Importance of Training for Janitorial Companies!

When you hire a janitorial company, you must ensure they provide you well trained staff. Your workplace is fully dependent on the cleaners and how experienced and professional they are. You want a neat and clean workplace rather than muddy windows, dusty racks, or uncleaned floors that spread harmful viruses.

Following are the main areas of the training for cleaners:

  • Dusting, sanitizing, deep cleaning
  • Removing germs from all surfaces 
  • Proper use of cleaning chemicals
  • Façade and window cleaning
  • Training on occupational safety and health administration standards
  • Green cleaning as an alternative service

Importance of Customer Service!

There is absolutely nothing worse than a bad customer service. You don’t need competitors to take away your clients when you have a bad customer management and support system. Whether you need to reschedule a service, want to change a specific cleaner, need clarification on the invoices, or you want one point of contact for your service, there should always be someone on the other end to support you.  

Stains And Smudges On The Floors!

It is quite disappointing when you pay well for cleaning services and do not get the job done properly. Do you feel smell in your office after your cleaners leave? Do your feel like your floor cleaning needs to be done again? Do you feel that disinfection of your office needs to be done again to ensure customers safety? Are you still removing the trash after the regular cleaning in your office? Are you customers unhappy due to hygiene issues? If you are experiencing such issues in relation to cleaning of your office, you need to relook at your cleaning service provider and appoint a company that deserves your partnership.

Reliability and Trust is our Moto

You deserve a company that takes care of your assets as they do for theirs and consider the happiness of your customers as theirs. We promise to do both when you appoint Power Facilities Management for any kind of facilities management services. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner, please contact with us today.