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Mall Cleaning Guide

Malls are a place which is filled with lots of people and it should be clean so that people can enjoy the shopping without any hassle. It’s obvious that if the mall is not clean it will affect the business of the shops in the mall because no one will want to visit a dirty mall.

Need solution? Check out the below mall cleaning guide adopted by Power Facilities Management, the No. 1 mall cleaning company in Pakistan.

Mall Entrance Cleaning

The entrances to your mall are the first impressions customers have of your establishment. That’s why you need to keep it looking clean and welcoming at all times, especially during holiday shopping seasons.

First, wipe down the doors, windows and door handles with a cleaning solution of hot water and dish soap. Wipe them in a circular motion for best results. Then use that same solution to wash off any dirt buildup on the sign outside; don’t forget to dust it as well. Next, move towards the inside of the entrance: look out for cobwebs in corners or above light fixtures, and do some quick vacuuming or sweeping if necessary. Wash off any gum or food residue from trash cans (inside and out), then walk around the perimeter of your mall. Make sure there’s no litter cluttering up sidewalks or parking lots near its entrances; use a broom to sweep this area clean if needed, pay special attention to the front doors. Lastly-and most obviously-clean all windows and glass surfaces so they sparkle like new! This can be done with window cleaner, which you can find at any home improvement store in your area.

Cleaning of Common Areas

As you scout the mall, look out for common areas. These are places where people are likely to drop trash like food courts, children’s play areas, and restrooms in particular. As you’re coming up with your list of mall maintenance tasks, try to identify what times of day might be best for cleaning each area. For example, if you know that the food court gets really messy at lunchtime but stays relatively clean all morning and afternoon, schedule a later cleaning time so that you don’t have to spend half the day picking up discarded napkins from once-crumbly burgers and fries.

Do the Dirty Work

As a mall cleaner, you’ll need to do the dirty work. Dealing with grime and dirt on a daily basis is part of the job, so be willing to put in the hard work. It’s not glamorous, but it’s what makes the job worthwhile.

For example, there are pipes that transport water and oil to different floors of the mall. They’re used for plumbing as well as HVAC. There’s also an abundance of wires behind walls and ceilings that are used to power other machines in stores. Keeping these pipes and wires clean helps maintain their functionality which is why we go to great lengths to keep them clean-and dry-on a regular basis.

Don’t Stop Moving

We’ve all heard the expression “slow and steady wins the race,” right? Well, when it comes to mall cleaning, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only way to get through your mall cleaning shift quickly and efficiently is by keeping up a good pace while you clean. Our advice? Don’t take a break until your shift is over. This means don’t stop to talk to people (unless it’s an emergency), don’t stop to text your mom or anyone else for that matter (you can do that after work), don’t stop to eat or even drink water unless you absolutely have no choice in the matter (it’ll slow you down too much) and definitely don’t stop to check email or Facebook if someone left his or her phone plugged into a charger somewhere in the mall storeroom—that’s just asking for trouble.

Pause for Mop Up Time

Vomit, blood, and other bodily fluids are some of the hardest things to clean up. You need to have the right supplies on hand so that you’re prepared to tackle whatever unfortunate mess comes your way. Make sure you’re stocked with dish soap, mop buckets, garbage bags, and garbage cans to deep clean such messy places. Use your mop bucket water and dish soap for mopping up small spills. Place a dustpan nearby to help you clean a larger spill.

Leave No Corner Untouched

Malls are big, and people don’t clean up after themselves. The sheer size of malls means there are a lot of places for trash to hide. But it’s important to leave no corner untouched. We have a responsibility to our shoppers and fellow employees to ensure their safety. Your checklist will be your guide, covering every area and ensuring that you work efficiently and safely; when done correctly, it will help you satisfy your employer’s/client’s requirements, too.


Our noses tell us when something is clean and sanitary. Throughout this guide, put your nose to work. If you smell something bad, clean it again. Keep cleaning until you can’t smell any unpleasant smells. It’s a well-known fact that people enjoy walking through malls and shops that smell nice. This is something to keep in mind as you clean if you really want to retain and increase your customers.