Pain Points of Window Cleaning in Pakistan

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Pain Points of Window Cleaning in Pakistan

Window cleaning is an extremely tough and technical task that cannot be done by normal housekeeping staff. Dust, dirt and moisture can undermine the cleanliness of your windows and cause permanent damage to your windows, seals and blinds. Don’t risk first impression of your business by having unclean windows. Getting Power FM to wash dirty windows is an effective way to save money, improve customer experience, and increase life and shine of your windows.

Window cleaning is not part of a normal janitorial services contract. You need to closely observe the windows in your building or office. You may notice that the windows need to be thoroughly dusted off, or may be the air is entering through the cracks, you might also find dust mites on the surface or the unreachable areas of your windows. All this is addressed by appointing a spiralised window cleaning company who have special tools to reach and clean every corner of your windows.

Let’s discuss few of the most important pain points when it comes to window cleaning in Pakistan. This not a detailed list, but gives a good idea how technical and dangerous this task is.

Cleaning of Blind Spots: Cleaning of blind spots is a risky task and carried out by specialist window cleaners. It is not normally covered in regular janitorial services contracts. This is a labour-intensive task that has to be carried out every quarter or year in order to maintain the appearance of the décor and reduce the dust load in the building.

Safety: Safety is the most important factor to address when it comes to window cleaning. Whether it is a high rise building, medium rise or even low rise, the risk of falling down is always high. You must use IRATA certified window cleaners in Pakistan to ensure only certified and well trained professionals are cleaning your windows.

Inaccessible Areas of Medium to High Rise Buildings: Pakistan is a country where real estate laws still require a lot of work. You might have seen several buildings facing high-voltage electricity wires, buildings covered with glasses not only from the front side but also from the right and left side facing residential homes, empty lands with no access etc. All such factors make window cleaning a lot more difficult. Only trained professionals can clean such windows as they have necessary tools and gadgets to clean unreachable areas.

Power Facilities Management can help you estimate the approximate cost of windows cleaning and caulking and choose the right cleaning method that is safe and suitable for your building depending on the structure, area and accessibility of your building. Contact us for a free assessment today.