Reasons for Getting Pest Control Done After Deep Home Cleaning

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Reasons for Getting Pest Control Done After Deep Home Cleaning

Many people face the dilemma of deciding whether to get a pest control done first or house cleaning. In other words, people find it difficult to decide whether to call exterminators first or deep cleaners. In this article, we will discuss some basic pest control tricks and tips and also provide you with reasons as to why getting pest control done after house cleaning is a very good idea. Ideally you should get pest control done at your house immediately after you get your house deep cleaned, for the following reasons:

Setting the Ground

When your house gets deep cleaned, cleaning professionals use disinfectants and chemicals that makes the ceilings, walls and surface of the house clean and neat. This helps in setting the platform for the pest control to be done at your home immediately after the house is deep cleaned. Getting your house deep cleaned also helps in clearing cobwebs, removing insect nests, etc. Therefore, it can be said that deep cleaning is the perfect precursor for pest control. When a pest control team arrives at a house that has been recently deeply cleaned then in such a scenario the pest control team has a ready-made platform to work on. In short, home deep cleaning services helps in increasing the effectiveness of pest control services. So, what you are waiting for? Pick the phone and contact Power FM to book high quality deep home cleaning services in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other parts of Pakistan before you hire our pest control team to provide you with quality pest control services all across Pakistan.

Pulling Pests out from their Hide-outs

As we all know, bathrooms are one of the major breeding grounds for different types of pests such as spiders, cockroaches, flies, etc. It is recommended that you should get your bathroom deep cleaned before you hire pest control services. This is because if your house is deep cleaned properly before you hire pest control services then pests in your house won’t have many places to hide when the pest control team arrives as deep cleaning of your house especially bathrooms will ensure the removal of most of the insect nests that existed within your house. In other words, deep cleaning of your house helps the pest control team in identifying and targeting the pest spots.

Eliminating Breeding Grounds

When your house is thoroughly cleaned, you also end up de-cluttering your house, which includes getting rid of old toys, boxes, pots, shoes, etc. All the aforementioned objects sit around gathering dirt and dust and become breeding sources for termites and insects. Doing pest control after the removal of all the pest breeding sources would not only help in making the pest control service more effective but it would also help in preventing pests from coming in your house as well. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that all the breeding grounds for pests within your house are cleared before you decide on calling pest experts for a pest control.

Resetting Furniture

We often find pests and insects living in places that are seldom moved, not very accessible, and rarely cleaned like a sofa and the refrigerator. During deep cleaning, your furniture that is located in a fixed spot is moved to different locations. This helps in dislodging the insect nests and forces insects to venture out. Till, you get pest experts to conduct a pest control at your place, you should keep your furniture in different locations to prevent pests and insects from returning to their preferred locations after objects are re-located to their original positions. This step will help you in removing the pest issue from the roots as well as helping you in keeping your home free from pest and insects for a longer period of time.

Retaining Pest Control Chemicals and Solutions

The most important argument for conducting a pest control after proper deep cleaning of your home is that a deep cleaning in all likeliness will wash away pest control chemicals from every corner of your house, provided the right cleaning company is appointed. This will defeat the purpose of getting a pest control done in the first place, so it is recommended to not make the mistake of conducting a pest control before deep cleaning your house. Always, conduct pest control after you have got your place deep cleaned. This will help you in ensuring your house is clean, hygienic, sanitized, and free from pests and insects that have the potential of spreading various diseases.

As we have discussed above, conducting a deep cleaning job before pest control is a lot more effective and also puts you in a better position to make the most out of your pest control services. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your home cleaning needs and once that is out of the way you can book our pest control services as well.