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Retail Hygiene Essentials During COVID-19

There is nothing more satisfying to a customer than walking into a retail outlet that is sparkling clean and filled with whiffs of fresh air. More so, doing it amidst the Coronavirus scare that has gripped the world. Your retail outlet should be as welcoming and homely such that customers will want to spend much more time exploring the goods or services that you have on offer. Retail facilities with clean spaces rate higher when it comes to your customers’ shopping experience.

It is important, therefore, to keep good hygiene practices that will keep your customers protected and increase their satisfaction whilst shopping. The difference between your outlet experiencing profits or losses can be determined by the cleanliness of your facility since customers are increasingly becoming wary about health safety issues. Coronavirus spray companies in Pakistan can help you earn the trust of your clientele by sterilizing your retail space thoroughly with COVID-19 disinfectant spray.

Power Facilities Management is the ONLY company in Pakistan which is certified by the WHO, American Red Cross, IPMA, MBRU, and BARBICIDE to deal with the disinfection of COVID-19 affected areas.

Do Good Hygiene Practices Matter?

Research on customer behaviors has shown that 66% of consumers have reduced their shopping time to avoid unacceptable hygiene. Not only that, according to “Retail News Insider”; over 90% of customers have switched to a competitor due to unsatisfactory hygiene practices in a retail outlet!

It is clear is that hygiene has a direct impact on your sales and profits. Good hygiene practices attract more customers, thereby increasing sales.

What Must be Done?

During these pandemic times, it is important to know that only cleaning is not enough. Your outlets need to be sanitized and disinfected. Understanding the difference between the three will help safeguard you and your customers.

CLEANING – entails the physical removal of dirt, germs, and other unwanted impurities from objects and surfaces. A cleaned surface is not necessarily a disinfected surface, because many cleaning agents, like soaps and detergents, do not effectively kill germs.

SANITIZATION – lowers the risk of transmission of germs and dirt from a surface to another. This process is achieved by cleaning and/or disinfecting to lower the spread of harmful infection.

DISINFECTION – is the use of chemicals to kill and eradicate germs from surfaces, objects, and the air in a room. A disinfected surface is not necessarily clean but is free from harmful germs.

Thorough hygiene practices will incorporate the three processes to produce surfaces that are sparkling clean, disinfected, and sanitized to protect your customers and staff.

Due to health safety measures put in place by various governments throughout the world, outlet disinfection has become a requirement. In Pakistan, private operators such as Power Facilities Management offer Coronavirus Spray Services to disinfect physical assets, making it easier for retailers to adhere to the new health safety policies.

Key Places to Clean

Make sure that these places stay clean and disinfected:

  • Entrance: – The first thing that customers will touch is your door. Keep it clean and disinfected. Periodically wipe the handles and rails as most infections will be brought from the street. Have hand sanitizers or wet wipes in place. If possible, just keep it open or post a doorman at the entrance to avoid contact by multiple persons.
  • Washrooms: – Clean washrooms are important for great customer experience. Provide adequate toiletry, and make sure there is running water for handwashing.
  • Children Play Areas: – These are high-risk areas for children. Make sure surfaces and objects in the children’s play areas stay clean and disinfected. No one wants a child to get sick after playing in your retail playground.

As you plan to keep your facility clean, remember to think beyond the restrooms and signage. Your customers will look at everything. Stay clean and disinfected always!