Tips for Busting Dust and Dust Mites in your Home or Office

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Tips for Busting Dust and Dust Mites in your Home or Office

What is Dust?

Dust is a common sight in any home or office space, and it naturally gathers on top of tables, shelves, and counters as the day pass. Dust is made up of different types of particles, including plant pollen, dead skin cells, paper, and clothing fibres, to name a few. Dust can enter your home or office through windows and gaps in your home or office, or through cooling and heating ducts, and be tracked in on your clothes and footwear. Dust removal is necessary before janitorial companies perform cleaning services.

Why is Dust Removal Important?

A pile of dust on any surface of any of the rooms within your home or office is not only annoying but can be very bad for the health of people having asthma or other allergies. Dust prevention and removal are very important if you want to keep yourself and your family/ colleagues fit and healthy. Today we will discuss steps which if you follow would help you in minimizing dust at your home and office:

Steps by Step Process to Eliminate Dust

1) Adopt and Stick to a Daily Cleaning Routine

Preparing a daily cleaning routine and sticking to that routine is considered by the majority as one of the best steps one could take to prevent dust from piling on surfaces at home or office.

2) Do Cleaning in the Right Order

The most important thing you should ask yourself is whether your home cleaning and/or office cleaning is being cleaned in the right order. For example, if you vacuum your living area before cleaning your light fixtures then it is highly plausible that some dust will make its way to the floor. This means the effort and time you invested in vacuuming were wasted. The last thing you should do when cleaning any of your room should be dust mopping or vacuuming especially when you are looking to prevent dust and dust mites in your home or office.

3) Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces

One of the best ways of reducing dust within your office or home is to actually clean the dust away. When dusting, one should use microfiber cloths or cleaning tools as microfiber is perfect for removing dust particles. You should also clean overlooked areas that have the potential to attract cobwebs or dust, such as baseboards, blinds,  closet floors, room corners, lampshades, the spaces between walls and headboards, and so forth.

4) Vacuum Regularly

Many people don’t know or realize that sweeping through the use of a broom is actually kicking up more dust than it is removing. It is important for you to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom if you want to reduce dust at your home or office. High-traffic areas should be ideally vacuumed at least three times a week. Areas with less traffic should still be vacuumed and cleaned on a weekly basis.

5) Wash Bedding Weekly

Some people may feel that washing pillowcases and sheets once a week is overkill. But when you sleep, you’re sloughing off hair, skin, and bodily fluids. This means that the bed on which you lay down to rest and sleep each day and night isn’t as clean as you may think it is. If you want to reduce dust within your home then ideally you should wash your bed linens at least once a week.

6) Cut Clutter and Tidy Up

Piles of clutter and junk at your home or office are waiting for the dust to gather as these are dust magnets. Remove clutter both from floors and other surfaces to reduce dust within your home or office. Identify most cluttered areas of your home or office such as entrance, kitchen/ canteen area, closets or desks, hardwood surfaces, etc., and ensure that these rooms, as well as the surfaces within them, are clean and tidy.

7) Consider Purchasing Air Filters

If you or anyone within your home or office has asthma or other severe allergies then consider getting an air purifier as it traps tiny particles such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen which ultimately helps in minimizing dust within your home or office. Take the air quality of your home or office to the next level by investing in a vacuum cleaner with an air filter.

8) Book a Professional Cleaning Firm

Hire a professional cleaning firm for deep cleaning of your home or office at least quarterly.  Following the above-mentioned steps together with hiring a professional cleaning firm to deep clean your home or office will help you in keeping the dust within your home or office under control.

It’s practically impossible to maintain your office or home completely free from dust and dust mites. However, if you put little effort and follow the above-mentioned steps then you will be able to reduce the number of dust particles that circulate throughout your office or home.

Here at Power Facilities Management, we completely understand that keeping your office or home clean and tidy can be difficult sometimes and that is why we provide all our customers with high-quality cleaning services and that too at affordable rates. So, if you are finding it difficult to keep up with your dusting requirements then call us today to discuss your cleaning needs and let Power FM take charge of the cleaning of your home or office.