Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Surfaces

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Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Surfaces

Hardwood surfaces are designed to take a lot of beating. Over a period of time, drops, spills, and wear and tear on a regular basis can take a lot of toll on the most reliable and durable surfaces, especially in areas that are subject to high traffic like the kitchen. Even, if heritage parquet isn’t your style, new pre-finished hardwood still requires some care and love.

Today, we will discuss the best ways in which hardwood surfaces can be protected for long time periods:


Ditch standard broom for ones that have softer bristles. The brooms that are made for cleaning hardwood surfaces can clean without having to scratch softer woods like birch and walnut. Sweeping on a regular basis helps in removing debris and dirt that can scratch your floor’s surface over a period of time. Cleaning experts at Power Facilities Management recommend people to make a habit to remove their shoes before they start the process of floor cleaning.


Vacuuming like sweeping needs to be performed with soft bristles. Keep in your mind that soft hardwood surfaces need more delicate cleaning such as vacuuming a floor surface by using a soft bristle attachment. If you have mats or rugs at your home over your hardwood surfaces then ensure that they are breathable.

As per our cleaning experts, rugs and mats are a floor’s best friend. However, it is better to avoid rugs and mats that are made of vinyl or rubber as they can trap moisture.


Clean dirt and spills as soon as possible so that to avoid any damage to your hardwood floors. Pre-finished floors usually deter dirt and stains, but if your floors are old then you will have to remove dirt and stains manually by using water. Once the floors get dry then clean the hardwood floors by using a mop with a microfiber cloth together with a formulated floor cleaner. Remember, never use water, as it can damage your floors in the long term.

When mopping floors never rely only on water, vinegar or water-based solutions to clean hardwood surfaces. Mopping by using water usually results in won’t-budge dirt buildup as well as dingy-looking surfaces. Floor cleaning with vinegar is possible and produces great results but only if your floors are not hardwood floors.

At Power Facilities Management, we have highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals that are committed to providing you with quality floor cleaning and janitorial services by using the latest equipment and technology and that too at highly affordable rates.