10 handy Car Cleaning Hacks

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10 handy Car Cleaning Hacks

Despite your best efforts to keep it clean, your car will eventually get dirty from time to time. During wet seasons, mud is inevitable. Also, the constant pick-ups and drop-offs of other people and pets (if you have any) will lead to an accumulation of all types of dirt and stains like juice spills, crumbs, and animal fur. Depending on the amount of traffic going in and out of your car, a weekly clean is sufficient to keep it neat and comfy, especially if each cleaning session is handled by a professional car cleaning company in Lahore like Power Facilities Management.

Thinking of giving your ride a thorough washout? There are a few things to consider before you grab your hose. For instance, you have to know what chemicals are contained in your selected detergents. Some of these chemicals are not suitable for materials such as leather. Some are also not suitable for paint and interior colors. In most cases, you already have some of the cleaning products in your house. Let’s take a quick look at 10 handy car cleaning hacks that will help you to clean your car thoroughly and effectively;

1. Upholstery Cleaning

To remove mud or spillage stains from your car seats or carpet, use this easy DIY paste; simply mix some white vinegar and baking soda to form the paste then brush it into the stain with a toothbrush (or a bigger brush to cover large areas). Let the paste dry then use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

2. Fresh Air Vents

Clean your air vents and other tight corners with foam or an old makeup brush. Just make sure that it’s clean first.

3. Removing Pet Hairs

Taking your pets out is great, but the cleaning job will require a bit of patience. Fill a spray bottle with plain water and spray the area with the hair. Use a squeegee to drag and pull the hairs with it.

4. Cleaning Foggy Headlights

To prevent your headlights from being foggy, rub some toothpaste all over the headlight area, let it stand for about ten minutes then wipe with a damp cloth. This will make them crystal clear.

5. Olive Oil Magic

Use olive oil to maintain your dashboard’s shine and shimmer. Applying it on the dashboard will help it shine while keeping some moisture in the material used.

6. Fresh Breeze

For homemade air fresheners, you can mix baking soda with essential oils. Put the mixture in a mason jar (or any small jar you have) with holes in the lid. This will leave your car smelling fresh all the time. You can also use laundry scent balls or any combination of scents. Don’t hesitate to be creative!

7. Smudge-free Wipers

After cleaning your wipers, rub them with rubbing alcohol. This will prevent them from leaving any smears or streaks on your windshield.

8. Maintain your Paint Job

Mix castile soap and water to clean the exterior. After rinsing, use a conditioner containing lanolin to buff the paint. This will keep it shiny.

9. Shiny Chrome and Wheels

Use a combination of baking soda and vinegar or water for an all-natural wheel cleaner. This will keep the chrome looking new.

10. Dirt-free Cup Holders

After cleaning the cup holders, fit in some disposable or silicone cupcake liners. These will collect all the dirt and spillage in the future.

As you can see, keeping that ride clean and crisp is no walk in the park. Don’t hesitate to call upon professional cleaners if you don’t feel up to the task. Good luck!