Types of Aluminum Doors

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Types of Aluminum Doors

In today’s construction and building industry, homeowners, architects, contractors and designers are over flooded with designs and cuts for aluminum doors. At the time of installation of doors, it is always important to have good overview of the latest designs, trends, and types of aluminum doors. Investing in doors is a long term investment and they are an integral part of your property, so you must evaluate the benefits and limitations of the doors you are selecting. Thousands of options are available for homes, offices, shops, commercial areas and buildings, but choosing the right design and material makes the real difference.

Aluminum doors are unquestionably a preferable choice as they are durable, corrosion resistant, require low maintenance, long term, do not rust, and come in different types to suit your interior décor. Whether it is a huge entrance door or a small door of a store room, aluminum doors can fit and give the best looks!

Types of Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are considered as one of the best options for small space areas.  Most of the apartments have sliding doors and many small shops opt for them too. Sliding doors are equipped with tinted glass. They are light weight and easy to move. Sliding doors are available in 2, 3 and 4 panels. You can select the panels according to your space.

Hinged and French Doors

Hinged and French doors are sturdy, solid, and secure. These doors are widely used in homes due to their availability as single doors as well as double doors. Hinged and French doors are fixed with permanently fixed hinged aluminum frames.

Sliding Folding Doors

Sliding folding doors or concertina doors are suitable for large entrances/openings. When it comes to homes, they are ideal for balconies and patios for outside view of pool or lovely garden. Residents also use them as a separator between different rooms. For commercial applications, sliding-folding doors are widely used for conference rooms and community centers etc.

Aluminum Finishes

Aluminum Doors offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. The colors are available in dove grey, simple grey, white, standard white, van dyke brown, black, light brown, anthracite grey, ivory cream, graphite black, etc. Furthermore, you can also get your doors powder-coated in any color you can imagine.

Right Choice?

Whether you are building your house or a commercial mall, make the right choice by implementing a durable, cost effective, and elegant aluminum door. Power Facilities Management can help you in design, customization, and installation of aluminum doors all over Pakistan. Our experience in residential and commercial properties will help you considerably in selecting the right metal, design, and customization. So forget the rest, and contact the best.