Why You Should Outsource Post Construction Cleaning?

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Why You Should Outsource Post Construction Cleaning?

No matter you are renovating your house, office, factory, mall or constructing them from scratch, any type of construction leaves a lot of mess which is difficult to remove for a non-professional. From scrap papers, wood, bricks, ceramic, glass, plastic to steel, all must be cleaned before you move-in. None of the owners/tenants want to do it themselves as it just destroys the joy of having a new home or office. And frankly speaking, they do not have the tools to get the job done. All such tasks are handled and executed by well trained facilities management companies who not only have sufficient experience but also the required equipment to perform post construction cleaning.

If you have just completed the construction or renovation of your office, home, factory, or mall etc. and looking for janitorial services, please contact Power Facilities Management. Below are some of the many features of our post construction/renovation cleaning services:

  • Removal of wastage like wood, lumber, trash, concrete, and similar other materials
  • Floors and carpets vacuuming and cleaning due to construction dust and debris
  • Window cleaning from inside and outside as a bright window is the right window
  • Cleaning the driveways, parking lots, and other walking areas
  • Cleaning of sofas and other upholstered materials to remove the dirt and stains
  • Deep cleaning of all the kitchen and washroom cabinets
  • Removal of adhesive materials such as tapes, glues, liquid, mucilage, paste, etc.
  • Ceiling fittings and ceiling fans cleaning.
  • Disinfection and fumigation e.g. corona spray, termite control, cockroach spray, etc.  

We understand that needs of every customer are different, so we match our services with your individual needs. There is no work too small or too big for us, we can handle any type of cleaning requirements efficiently.

We divide our post construction cleaning work into the below three stages:

Stage 1: Removal of all the left over trash, large debris and other extra materials.

Stage 2: General cleaning which includes cleaning the entire facility with hot water, detergents, special chemicals, mopping etc.

Stage3: Scrubbing and deep cleaning of floors and every corner of your facility with our state of the art cleaning machinery.

We are happy to provide you training in case you want to clean your newly constructed/renovated house yourself, we can also rent out our machinery should you wish to operate the machines yourself, or if you want the entire cleaning should be handled by a well-trained team of cleaners Power Facilities Managing is at your service to take over the job. We will save your precious time and money. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to live peacefully by hiring the best team for your houses and workplaces? If this is so, then contact the best and leave the rest.