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Tired of driving all the way to the carwash? Need car wash service at home? Or maybe you have given up after using a lot of car wash companies? Power Facilities Management brings you ultra-convenience wherever you are, allowing you to enjoy exclusive car wash services at the click of a button! Remember, the right cleaning service can make the difference between a dank, unpleasant vehicle, and a beloved comfy car that whisks you off to daily adventures. Power FM’s professional car cleaning services are designed to be the best, most economical, and eco-friendly! We are here to ensure that every ride is relaxing and fully enjoyable. Our crew along with our state of the art equipment will take care of every inch of your four-wheeled baby, from the interior fabrics and surfaces to the outer ones!

Book the Service Now!

There’s no winding bureaucracy in your way, simply use our Book Now option and our crew will be at your door-steps for car wash service at home. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to disrupt your daily plans to accommodate us. Rather, our team will show up on demand and swiftly transform your car into a ride worth its name!

What more, you get to pay way less than your usual car-wash fees yet enjoy highly-professional work from an experienced team! You can trust us to use high-grade cleaning material for the best possible outcome, while simultaneously remaining conscious of the environmental impact of our materials.

Why POWER Facilities Management?

With so many car wash companies out there, you just might be wondering what sets us apart from the rest. We have earned the trust and respect of thousands of clients thanks to a variety of special features on offer such as;

  • Ultra Convenience!

Most people experience hectic and very demanding days, having very little time to spare for mundane tasks. POWER FM saves you the trouble of having to disturb your day by coming at your door-steps to clean and disinfect your car.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Our services are never profit-oriented. We take pride in our ability to harmlessly co-exist with nature. As such, our cleaning techniques are designed to leave no footprint, through the use of natural yet highly-effective steam-cleaning methods. No chemicals are used in the process, which ensures that there are no toxic residues from the process while simultaneously saving your car from chemical toxicity and its subsequent corrosive action.

  • Enhanced Safety Features

We aren’t just worried about getting the job done fast. Rather, we care about your safety and that of our valued team. As such, all our cleaning techniques and equipment are 100% safe and pose no risks to your car’s integrity or any nearby persons! The high-speed water steam jets are very safe and our equipment is always in pristine condition to ensure safety.

Our Packages

POWER has a lot to offer to all our valued clients, ensuring a one-stop-shop service that caters to all your car cleaning needs! Let’s take a look at our main service range;

1. Car Interior Cleaning

You can always use intricate and very thorough cleaning sessions to restore that inner glow and welcoming freshness. Here, we cover every aspect of your vehicle’s interior space including;

  • Detailing – we’ll leave every surface neat and glowing!
  • Seats/Carpets – say goodbye to all those juice stains and dirt!
  • Restorations – no more seat tears and scruffy interiors. Our team has got your back and we’ll leave your interiors as good as new!

2. Exterior Cleaning

The outward appearance of your car is always the first noticeable feature of your car wherever you drive. Our team will ensure that it gives a powerful impression through;

  • FO Removal – we’ll rid your exterior of any bugs, tar smears, or other foreign objects!
  • Scratch & Marks elimination
  • Full body wax and polish for that extra shine!
  • Thorough tire and rim cleaning

3. Engine Cleaning

Your engine also needs some attention; despite being hidden under the bonnet. Failure to care for it properly can easily cause a lot of avoidable mechanical issues. Our team will proffer;

  • Expert engine detailing
  • Thorough dusting and degreasing

4. Vehicle Polishing

Sometimes, all that your car needs is a thorough polish to bring out that showroom sleek look that never fails to attract envy! Also, vehicle polishing helps to prevent material corrosion and enhances the look (and value) of your car. Our vehicle polishing service covers several aspects including;

  • Interiors
  • Exteriors
  • Engine & other hidden parts


Are you ready to transform your car with our professional car cleaning services? Your car’s new look is just a few clicks away. Just follow these easy steps and you’re all set;

  • Book Now!

Remember our easy Book Now feature? Simply visit us at and book your service.

  • Select the Home Car Wash Option!

You don’t really have to be at home. Even if you’re at the office, our team will zip over pronto!

  • Sit Back & Get Ready for a treat

We pride ourselves in promptness efficiency. Your cleaning service will commence shortly after your order!

  • Time to Go!

Before you know it, your car is sparkling and ready to hit the road! Enjoy the ride!

Top 10 FAQs by Our Customers

Do you have any questions about our services? Our customer service is always happy to assist you with any query so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time! Here are a few frequently asked questions by majority of our customers that may address what you have in mind;

Why Carwash at Home/Office When I Can Get My Car Cleaned at a Showroom?

The average adult barely has the time to hustle to showrooms or car wash facilities where there are long queues and probably high fees too. Our mobile car wash ensures utter convenience! Try it today and you will surely testify!

Why POWER FM? What Differentiates You?

POWER Facilities Management offers every car wash service you may think of and, most importantly, we also disinfect your with Covid-19 Spray to ensure the safety of our clients in their vehicles!

What Chemicals do you Use?

Our cleaning service is chemical-free! We use highly-effective water steam & pressure techniques to avoid toxic hazards for you and the environment. Where necessary, we use imported harm-free car washing materials.

How Come the Service is so Cheap?

POWER FM operates professionally and commercially. As such, we have very low overheads and we use optimized modern equipment, so why charge you more?

What Locations do you Cover?

The Home/Office car wash service is currently available only in Lahore, however, you can stay tuned for more coverage soon!

Is there any Monthly Package?

There are lots of convenient and affordable service packages available, but each one is unique to every customer so give us a call and find out more!

How Frequently do I Need to Wash my Car?

Your car needs regular care just like your body. We recommend at least once every month!

What type of Vehicles do you Cater to?

Whether you have a pick-up truck, a sedan, or even a bus, POWER FM has your back!

Will the Wash Affect my Paintwork?

Our crew is very cautious about the paintwork and other bodyworks. We assure you that it’s all safe! However, be sure to alert our team if you had it done recently to determine whether your paint has properly and fully cured.

Will My Antennae Be Ok?

Almost every car has an antenna, don’t worry, we’ll assess the situation and make sure it’s safe and sound, including any other exterior accessories!