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Cleaning Services in Pakistan

The importance of a clean and appealing office, commercial/ residential building, retail space, or any other residential space used for business purposes cannot be overlooked as a clean office/building not only helps in creating a better environment but also aids in making a better impression on both employees and customers. At Power Facilities Management (No. 1 cleaning company in Pakistan), we are specialized in providing our clients with a comprehensive range of cleaning and janitorial services catering to their specific cleaning needs. You can focus on your core business operations and customers while we take care of all your cleaning services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and all other cities and provinces of Pakistan. Our skilled and professional staff will work according to your schedule without causing any interruptions in your daily business operations. Whether it is a one-bedroom apartment or a multi-floor building, our qualified team of professional cleaners will help you in making it clean and environment friendly by providing customized and value-based janitorial services in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Pakistan

Power’s highly qualified and experienced commercial housekeeping team ensures that your office space remains ready for business operations and that germs/viruses that may cause any type of disease are eliminated. By using Power Facilities Management’s office cleaning services, you can be certain that your office/building will be cleaned thoroughly and will be free of any germs, bacteria, and viruses. We ensure that your office space is ready for business operations at any time, day or night.

Residential Cleaning Services in Pakistan

Our residential cleaning unit is headed by a highly experienced unit head who has managed multi-million dollars of assets in his 20 years of career in the assets management industry. Power’s dedicated and specialized residential cleaning team ensures that your House/Residential Building remains clean and appealing 24/7/365 in order to increase the market value/rental income of your property. We ensure that your building’s common areas, washrooms, lobbies, and kids’ play areas remain dirty free and germless round the clock.

Deep Cleaning – An Integral Component of Our Janitorial Services

As we all know, Covid-19 has been a critical pandemic for the whole world. Pakistan is one of the countries affected by it. Power Facilities Management is one of the very few cleaning companies in Lahore which started using WHO and EPA approved Coronavirus Spray to disinfect its clients’ assets as part of its regular cleaning services. We first perform deep cleaning in the entire area and then conduct sterilization which is in line with the SOPs set by WHO and EPA.

Be it COVID 19 or any other virus which, GOD forbid, may unearth in the future we have made deep cleaning a mandatory component of our housekeeping services which is offered free of cost.  Our deep cleaning process includes approaching the commonly touched objects and surfaces and cleaning them with highly effective cleansers and disinfectants. These commonly touched objects and surfaces include handrails, workstations, doorknobs, telephones, keyboards, sinks, pantry (tableware, cookware, utensils, etc.), door glasses, toilets, faucets, etc.

Whether it is your house or office or a big factory, It is extremely important to get it deep cleaned from time to time. Germs and bacteria enter your homes and offices with air and affect your health negatively. We use steam cleaners and the latest equipment to deep clean your assets which does not only eliminates germs and bacteria but also removes bad odor. The process is carried out in 3 steps:

Step 1

  • Cleaning, mopping, and scrubbing of the entire floor with specialized cleaning materials
  • Vacuuming of the carpets
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans and its’ blades with hot water
  • Washing of light fixtures without removing them
  • Dusting of blinds, windows, floors, desks, etc.
  • Scrubbing of drip pans and stovetop
  • Dusting of lamps
  • Washing of light switch plates, shutters, and blinds

Step 2

  • Washing and polishing of furniture e.g cabinets, beds, cupboards, sofas, etc.
  • Cleaning of the doors of the entire house
  • Hand wiping of pictures, mirrors, etc.
  • Countertops and similar items (washed)
  • Double scrubbing of bathroom tub and tiles (if build-up)
  • Sanitization of computer tables, computers, keywords

Step 3

  • Hand washing and wiping of baseboards, moldings, window sills, and woodwork
  • Steam water cleaning and scrubbing of stairs, floors, etc.
  • Emptying and washing dust bins
  • Thorough dusting and washing of lights, switchboards, washing machines
  • Stain removal from all the walls
  • Spray and sanitization of the entire home

Our Standard Service is All that you Need

Our standard cleaning services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan has proved to be the most frequent selling service and it includes, not limited to, the following:

  • Cleaning common areas/lobbies with our special imported chemicals, cleansers, and sanitizers
  • Emptying old bins and replacing with new bin liners
  • Dusting and swabbing of all the soft and hard surface areas
  • Cleaning building’s façade depending on the engagement
  • Vacuuming and moping both carpet tiled floors
  • Scrubbing tiled floors
  • Use of chemicals to disinfect furniture and fixtures as well as to wipe down walls and switches
  • Cleaning of all cupboards, shelves, and draws
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning and dusting your desks
  • Clean & sanitize tables and benches
  • Cleaning toilets, showers, and change rooms and deodorizing

What Cleaning Equipment do we Use?

We use world-class cleaning equipment to make sure your assets remain in new shape. This is our priority regardless of the cost of these assets. For us, your assets are more important than our assets. Below are some of the many equipments that we use depending on the project:

  • Ride-on sweepers (Diesel/Battery Operated)
  • Wet floor scrubber, mini scrubbers, walk-behind scrubber driers, single disk scrubbers
  • High-speed dryers and polishers
  • Dry floor sweepers
  • High-speed polishing and sole cleaning machines
  • Steam cleaners
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning machines
  • Carpet spotters & extractors
  • Wide area and backpack vacuum cleaners
  • Window glass cleaning solutions
  • Pressure washers
  • Cradles for façade cleaning
  • Janitorial and housekeeping trolleys
  • Soap dispensing and hand drying solutions
  • Ground maintenance equipment
  • Aerial work platforms

Cleaning Products and Supplies

We use world-class and imported cleaning consumables to carry out our cleaning engagements. Some of the commonly used materials are listed below:

  • Glass cleaners
  • Multipurpose cleaner, mildew cleaner, floor cleaner, oven cleaner, toilet cleaner
  • Street booms, industrial booms, hard & soft booms
  • Vacuum suction pumps, dustpan, and brush
  • Floor wipers, wet mops, microfiber mops, microfiber cloth
  • De – Scaler, disinfectant, degreaser
  • Washing up liquid, Sanitizer, dishwasher chemicals
  • Bleach, sponges and scourers, glass polishing cloths
  • Yellow dusters/ microfiber cloths, protective gloves
  • Plastic caddy for carrying products and supplies

All the above-mentioned products that we use for cleaning your office equipment and building are of reputable brands and are checked for quality by our company’s internal quality department.

Customized Services

We tailor our professional cleaning and janitorial services according to your needs and budget. Our team has years of experience in providing high-quality janitorial services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and ofcourse all across Pakistan. Hence, we are flexible enough to cater to any type of cleaning requirement anywhere in the Country e.g. one-time cleaning for annual office dinner.

Benefits of Outsourcing to POWER

The benefits associated with outsourcing cleaning and janitorial services of your building whether it is a commercial or residential one are uncountable. Some of those that are essential for you to know is below  :

  1. You Don’t Have to Suffer from Inexperienced and Unprofessional Staff. We provide regular training to our staff with a prime focus on “cleanliness & five-star customer service”.
  2. You don’t have to deal with cleaning staff. You can always raise your concerns to the site supervisor who is educated, experienced, and well trained by POWER’s In-House training academy.
  3. You have the flexibility to change/decrease/increase staff whenever you want
  4. We not only provide janitorial services in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi but all over Pakistan
  5. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your premises, you can focus on your core business and we will make sure that your Employees and Visitors experience a clean and green environment
  6. Our experience ranges from cleaning a carpet to big malls in Pakistan. Therefore, we know how to deal with any condition
  7. We know how to manage cleaning chores of an office/building and that too in an organized and efficient manner which in turn will help you in saving time on recruitment, calculation of salary and other tasks related to managing an in – house cleaning department.
  8. We dress up our manpower in carefully designed uniforms. This ensures that your visitors/customers/investors experience a different image of your brand. We can also print your company’s logo along with POWER’s logo if you want a customized service.
  9. We make sure that our services add value and increase the productivity of your staff. A clean office space helps in increasing the productivity level of employees as a clean and safe business environment freshens the mind of the employees which enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.
  10. You get many more benefits when you engage with Power Facilities Management. Let’s talk to find out more.

Why Choose Power Facilities Management?

Power Facilities Management has been helping businesses in establishing and maintaining a clean, fresh, and pleasant business environment for their employees and visitors for more than 20 years. We understand the value and importance of having a clean and well maintained commercial/residential space. Our services are unparalleled as we keep our staff up to date with the latest technology, equipment, and a wide range of tools used in the industry.  Our highly trained workforce knows how to tackle different challenges that are faced during the assignment and ways to overcome those challenges to meet clients’ expectations. That is one of the main reasons we are widely referred by our existing clients.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your cleaning needs.