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Schools, Colleges, and Universities Cleaning Services in Pakistan

You Deserve the Best

From classrooms, rest rooms, assembly halls and libraries to gymnasium, staff rooms to changing rooms, there is a lot to when it comes to cleaning educational institutes. The importance of clean and appealing learning facilities cannot be overemphasised.  Cleanliness contributes directly to desirable working conditions for staff, enhanced learning for students, and the general good health of all of your occupants.

Public, Private, Technical Colleges, or Universities all appreciate the fine work of Power Facilities Management.  We should be your favorite cleaning team, too!  You deserve the same quality so many others enjoy. Call us today for school cleaning services, college cleaning services or university cleaning services in Pakistan.

Perfectly Clean

There is a great deal to clean and maintain to reach this goal, particularly when facilities are used continuously and thoroughly every single day.  Classrooms, staff rooms, washrooms, canteens, gymnasium/assembly halls, and even the library—they all must come under scrutiny and meet important health standards.

When it is your responsibility to protect all those people, you want to make sure that you contact Power Facilities Management for school or college cleaning services in Pakistan.  We are the people you can trust to protect your health and those who are dependent on you.

When so many people are in close proximity, health problems can spread quickly.  Keeping your facility pristine means that germs don’t get the same opportunity to spread; that your charges (those you are responsible for) are provided with the maximum protection from risk; that you have done your job well!.

At Power Facilities Management we first educate ourselves about your requirements to assure that your needs are met.  We then provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that meet your needs.


Facility maintenance is a labour intensive process.  To maximise efficiency we employ high-quality equipment designed to be efficient, effective, and fast.  The objective is to do a perfect job, but to accomplish it in the shortest time possible.  Too much manual work results in too many hours spent on the task—and that raises prices—something we all wish to avoid!

Walk-behind, or ride-on washers and polishers can vastly improve efficiency when there are many long, wide corridors to clean.  Bannisters and railings require more of a human touch, so we use the appropriate equipment for each job.

You name the equipment and we make it available for you. Below is the brief list of equipment we use depending on the size and nature of the project:

  • Walk behind scrubbers, wet floor scrubbers, single disk scrubbers, mini scrubbers etc.
  • Ride on sweepers (Diesel/Battery Operated)
  • High speed dryers and polishers
  • Cradles for façade cleaning
  • Aerial work platforms
  • High speed polishing and sole cleaning machines
  • Pressure washers
  • Steam cleaners
  • Wide area and backpack vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet spotters and extractors
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning machines
  • Dry floor sweepers
  • Soap dispensing and hand drying solutions
  • And many more

Extraordinary Staff

Don’t worry!  When there are curious children around, their safety takes priority.  We keep them clear of equipment, of course, but more importantly, our people have the appropriate legal and background checks and clearances so that no one is a threat to children in other ways.  Your kids are safe with Power Facilities Management! But you have right to know what you get when you engage with us. Please see below list of brief benefits you institute will get:

  1. Our cleaning staff goes through a rigorous training program so you get highly trained and experienced staff. Our prime focus during trainings is “cleanliness & five-star customer service”
  2. Our people really know their jobs well. They are ready to meet any cleaning and maintenance challenge you can imagine.  We work 24 hours per day, according to the most convenient schedule for you
  3. Replace/add/remove any staff any time with no obligation or cost
  4. You can directly deal with site supervisors who are well educated, experienced and trained by POWER’s In-House training academy
  5. We work all over Pakistan. You deal with ONE cleaning company for all your Institute’s branches in the country
  6. We ensure your customers, staff and other stake holders experience a Clean & Green environment
  7. Of course there is a mandatory cost saving. We take care of annual pays, provident funds, EOBI etc.
  8. There are notable other benefits when you engage with Power Facilities Management. Let’s talk to find out more.

The Takeaway

We are highly trained professional cleaners, who are compliant with all of the child protection codes. We’re fast, flexible, and ready to serve you 24 hours per day.  If that weren’t enough, our modern equipment keeps us on task so we can do the required job in the least time possible, saving you money that can be spent more usefully, elsewhere in your budget. So, don’t wait and call us today for school cleaning services or university cleaning services in Pakistan.

You deserve a reliable cleaning team that can function, unmonitored, relieving you of that unnecessary stress.  So forget the rest, and call the Best.  We would love to have the opportunity to speak with you and tell you how we can make your life easier!