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Wall Painting Services in Pakistan

As we all know, it’s not only the architecture that attracts the eye but also the wall painting that adds a pleasant touch to the overall atmosphere. A paint failure is alone enough to make your customers, guests, and even employees leave your place. Giving the old place a new colorful touch is the need of an hour, either it is an office, house, or furniture. 

Power Facilities Management is a leading asset management company in Pakistan providing services ranging from wall painting to janitorial services, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, glass works, to all the related services in your offices and homes. When it comes to painting, our wall painting process is unique, unmatched, and make your paint live long due to our technical expertise. Some of our painting services are as follows:

House Painting

Colours set the tone and even affect our moods. Therefore, choosing the right wall painting colors is important, not only to make the walls look good but to also match the colors with the architectural details.

Therefore, by keeping the customers’ needs and taste in mind, we use our decades of experience and offer them the qualitative and customized house painting to make their home serene and a source of cold breeze for their families.

Office Painting

We have a vast range of wall painting designs for our commercial clients. We believe painting the office interiors is a serious task, so it should get the due diligence and care that it deserves. Some of our clients prefer low wavelength colours because that helps in improving the efficiency, focus, and productivity of the employees while others prefer sharp colours to match the interior with the concept of their business. In a nut shell, the colours in your office reflect the concept of your business and set the mood of your employees, therefore, it must be given proper time and great attention that it really needs.

Since most of the offices use colours that suit their company’s brand, we carefully implement this idea and give a well-groomed look to their offices which not only helps them to keep their employees happy, but also attract a huge amount of customers.

Furniture Painting

We all have heard that furniture painting makes furniture more attractive than before. A paint coating on wood prevents external moisture from penetrating the wood rapidly and stops internal moisture from evaporating excessively. Though we can paint your furniture the way you want, but we always recommend our customers to go with polyurethane wood paint as it is the best for decoration and protection of various wooden surfaces, which enhances the beauty of the wood to the fullest. Also, oil-based paints are much better for furniture painting. For example, latex paints do not smell like an oil-based primer and efficiently blocks most stains.

Wall Paper Painting

Wall paper painting is a new concept in Pakistan. A lot of our customers ask us is wall paper good or paint? Well the answer is that both wall paper and paint have their pros and cons. For example, wall papers (if good) can last for a decade whereas paint can last for a period of between 3 to 6 years depending on the paint quality. If wall paint is damaged, it can be repaired by repainting on the damaged area whereas wallpapers are not immune to wear and tear. A little tear on the wall paper means you will have to repeat the process of stripping and pasting which is time consuming and costly. Hence, the choice depends on the customer but we can always help you in making your decision.

Types of Paints We Offer

ICI Paint: ICI paint is considered as a premium product in Pakistan when it comes to wall painting. ICI paint prices are higher as compared to most of the other companies due to the reliability, life, range of colours, and the quality of their paints. ICI paint is mostly used by commercial businesses.

Berger Paint: Berger paint is one of the largest grown paint companies in Pakistan. It promisingly provides a long list of colours while ensuring exceptional quality. Berger paint is considered as one of the most reliable paints all over Pakistan due to its long-lasting durability and sustainability. 

Diamond Paint: Diamond paint also considers customer satisfaction as their priority. Moreover, the social services are incorporated into the brand’s core values to benefit people. With this, they are trying to make Pakistan a better place to live. Diamond paint is widely used in homes as well as offices.

Gobis Paint: Gobis paint was the first paint company to introduce qualitative and eco-friendly products in Pakistan. They offer their customers with innovative and affordable paint products. A considerable amount of individual customers use Gobis paints due to the quality and eco-friendliness of their products.

Dulux Paint: Dulux paint helps to prevent the walls from getting stained and marked up. It also prevents your house from getting mildew and molds, which empowers and increases the life of a wall.

Brighto Paint: Brighto Paint is one of the best paint companies in Pakistan. It is highly washable and adheres very well on the surface to which it is applied. It protects the material over which it is used and has a very good resistance to corrosion.  

Why Power Facilities Management?

Power has decades of experience when it comes to wall painting ideas, designs, colors, selection of the right paint combination, and most importantly dealing with all types of paint problems. We have painted homes, farm houses, offices, factories, to big buildings in our painting career. Our experience helps clients in selecting the right color combination based on their company brand (if office) or the home design. We offer free of cost paint consulting to our residential and commercial customers. For further information, please contact us today.